French Country
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Page layouts:
(Note on the container page: Because this subdirectory's container page has no contents, and because the file is published without frames, the entire page isn't visible. In the page layout, the top border extends entirely across the top of the page and the rest of the page is empty.)

See more information on this particular design, and some simple tweaks you can make to it, below the file download links.

To use this web design, download these two files into the same folder on your computer:
Download French Country .tld file:   French Country web design
Download French Country .bmp file (be sure to save as .bmp):   French Country thumbnail

All three backgrounds in this design are from the Vincent van Gogh painting on this page of the site.  On that page, there are other tiles made from the same picture in case you want to try out some different ones (just about all of them were part of this design at one time or another, as I experimented).  The image of the paining used is available copyright free at (The navigation arrows are "left over" from the GlobalSCAPE web design this one is built on.)

This design is obviously not meant for heavy text use. On most of the page layouts, the default text for the page body is bold and larger than usual.  In addition, none of the backgrounds are set to scroll with the text, making the text somewhat easier to read.  If you want a solid-color page background, use Format > Edit page layouts. Choose the page layout you want to change, go to the background tab and uncheck the "image" box. The eggshell-colored solid page background will then show on all the pages using that layout. Note that this erases the image from the layout's memory - you can't just go back and re-check the "image" box to get the image background back, but have to re-enter its file name.

The main "fun" feature of this design is in the borders. The right border is a duplicate of the left, and the bottom border is a duplicate of the top, so you can set the individual borders to "show" or not.  In addition, all four borders are the same fixed width (left and right) or height (top and bottom), with the exception of the Detail - Text Navigation layout, which gets "double-wide" left and right borders. Some of the border options are shown on other pages in this subdirectory only, but all of the page layouts in the web design file to be downloaded are set to show the top and left borders - as this page does.

The fixed size left border has been tested in screen resolutions from 800 x 600 through 1280 x 1024 and keeps its appearance intact at those resolutions. The fixed width for the left and right borders is set to show exactly one image tile horizontally.  If you widen the border, the image will start repeating.

A final mention: I've published this subdirectory without frames, so the entire page scrolls as one unit. Like any CSB web design, this one can be published either with or without frames.